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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Heypik free or not? Heypik is a website totally free for downloading any design resources except the Original Works .     But the free user has a download limit of   3 downloads per day. Become a Premium user then you can enjoy unlimited downloads for all resources.Remember that if you download the same file more than once during the same day it will count as one file downloaded. The download limit will be restored at 23:59:59 UTC.


If I don't like it, can I cancel the subscription and get my money back? Yes. Once your Membership Subscription has been activated you will have a 15 day period to order a refund of your payment. If you haven't downloaded more than 10 files in Membership Subscription period, you may request your refund, contacting us through support@heypik.com.


Can I keep using the resources after my subscription has expired? Once you become a subscriber then you downloaded the design. This means to allow you to use the resources without having to credit Heypik and they will remain active even after your membership reaches its end date.

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